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There is a serious shortrage of professional in accounting field (source: Ernst & young India form of auditors

)Growth in economy has opened like never before opportunities in the field of accounting & finance. This growth ,coupled with more regulatory compliance, has put a foremost need for accurate accounting.


This has result in demand for higher professional in book-keeping. Thus lere is huge ,ever growth, demand for skilled accounting professionals. FST' shall impart accounting professionals course to prepare the student to benefit from the immense opportunities available.


The Course curriculum include in - depth knowledge & training on tally accounting software, concept of taxation, banking & finance & Audit etc. Tally is used across most diverse business segment & size including corporate, MNCs and government Organisation. Accounts of an estimated half-million business are being maintained on Tally, with more getting added each month.


At "FST" there is special emphasis on communication skill & personality development so that candidate may benifit more, eith better ecpression of professional knowledge while moving forward in choosen career.





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