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General Terms & Conditions

  • The fees paid either down payment of the course fee/registration fee or instalment for any course is non-refundable. Once student have paid the fees, no refund will be given back whatsoever may be the circumstances.
  • Students are required to maintain utmost discipline in the Centre premises. They are prohibited to take any eatables inside the classrooms, labs and library. Personal floppies, CD, DVD, Pen Drive, USB, books etc. cannot be taken inside without the written approval of the Centre Manager. Students are required to adhere to the lab timings. Any extra time required can be obtained with the written consent of the Centre Manager.
  • Fee for the courses can be paid in limited/monthly installments or in lumpsum as per the fees. structure in force from time-to-time.
  • Fee is to be paid on or before the due date, failing which a penalty of Rs. 10/- per day for the first seven days and Rs. 20/- for the next seven days will be charged. In case, the fees is not submitted even after the expiry of 14 days period, as stated above, the Centre Manager is authorized to strike off the name ofsuch defaulter from rolls and the student will not be allowed to attend any class till the fee along with the penalty is paid. When allowed to attend the class, the students will have to cover the courses themselves and the Centre will not take any responsibility to cover up their courses.
  • Admission granted to a particular student is non-transferable. Fees paid by the students are also non-transferable/non-refundable.
  • Each student must carry his/her Identity Card while attending the class.
  • In case of any indiscipline or misconduct, student will be liable to be expelled from the institute without any notice or refund of fee.
  • The institute shall have the right to change the time schedule / venue / syllabus etc. At any time for the effective provision of the course.



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